Nord Synths Collection

Nord Synths Collection - 150 Nord Lead Multi Sampled Sounds

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- 150 multi samples
- Nord Lead 3 sounds
- High quality processing
- Own original sounds
- Size: 1,14 GB - 1,72 GB / format
- Available formats: SF2, SXT

Nord Synths Collection

This big collection contains 150 multi sampled sounds from great hardware synthesizer Nord Lead 3. In this versatile library you will find many different sounds, including basic oscillators, dance leads, dist synths, bells, organs, voices, vintage and other synths. All of sounds (excluding raw oscillators) have been designed and crafted by Lucid Samples sound engineer. These are not default sounds. The sounds have been recorded using external warming effect & equalization to achieve sound warmth and vitality. Thanks to this even the simple, raw synth sounds are exciting.

All the sounds have been recorded in mono (without using stereo unison effect). This is intended style and character of Nord Synths Collection. This grand sample pack is designed to be a raw starting point for further work with sounds. This way also we have been able to create so many lightweight multisample files. To achieve great stereophonic timbre we recommend using chorus effect like unison doubler effect.

We have done our best for the Nord Synths Collection to contain only good quality sounds. All the material has been selected from even wider range of samples. This collection is a must-have for all fans of great Nord synthesizers series and everyone who loves the sound of this kind of instruments. It is the most inspiring and useful collection for almost every music genre where synthesizers are welcome.

Available Formats:

  • Soundfonts (SF2 samples) in 16-bit/96kHz
  • SXT samples for Reason NN-XT in 24-bit/96kHz

Compatible with SoundFonts:
Ableton Sampler, FL Studio DirectWave, Logic Pro EXS 24, Kontakt, Studio One Presence, HALion, Emulator X, Proteus X, Machfive, Independence, VSampler, SFZ+


  • 17 Basic - raw oscillators and similar sounds
  • 18 Bell Synths* - raw bells, vib bells, fantasy bells
  • 20 Dance Leads - detuned, fat synths
  • 14 Dist Synths - sounds with original Nord Lead 3 distortion effect
  • 36 Misc Synths - raw synths, fat synths, fantasy, pianos, voices etc.
  • 18 Organs - vib organs, raw organs, pick organs, classic
  • 19 Simple Voices - custom raw waveforms
  • 8 Vintage - old/ classic character sounds

* To produce great chimes/ bells sound set short (fast) and small decay to achieve hit effect and one or few seconds of release.


  • 150 Quality sounds of Nord Lead 3 synthesizer
  • Warmth and vitality processing
  • Different types of synth sounds
  • Compatible with most virtual samplers
  • Sampled 5+ octaves each sound
  • Size: 1,14 GB - 1,72 GB / SF2 - SXT format
  • Available formats: SF2, SXT

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Supported Software

Reason NN-XT, Usine



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  • Nord Synths Collection SXT - 1815.51MB
  • Nord Synths Collection SF2 - 1148.45MB
  • Nord Synths Collection SF2 - 1148.45MB
  • Nord Synths Collection SXT - 1815.51MB

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