Atmospheres & Backgrounds

Atmospheres & Backgrounds - 113 Atmospheric Wav Sounds in 24bit-96kHz

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- 113 Atmospheres, Backgrounds & Textures
- 1:50 hours of selected recordings
- Space, electronic, mysterious, tribal moods
- Randomized textures
- 3,55 GB of unzipped content
- 24bit-96kHz Wav Format

About Atmospheres & Backgrounds

Atmospheres & Backgrounds is a comprehensive collection of selected recordings made over the last few years, containing over 3.5 GB of material in high resolution 24bit-96kHz. As the name suggests, these are sounds designed to build atmosphere, to give ambience, to be used as backgrounds. Atmospheres & Backgrounds can be used in commercial and non-commercial productions, in soundtracks, for backgrounds in video and music productions, in niche electronic music.

In this compilation you will find 113 selected recordings in 7 folders;
- Deep atmospheres: deep, space, mystical, dark, metallic moods
- Low backgrounds: bass drones, low, deep, mysterious sounds
- Noise ambience: weather imitation sounds, wind imitation sounds, noise backgrounds, ambient waves
- Noise textures: noise crackles tectures, granular noise textures, dirty noise textures
- Synth Ambience: synth sounds based tracks, space tones, organic type synths, sci-fi mood
- Textures: electronic/ synth/ sci-fi randomized textured sounds, drops, drones
- Tribal Ambience: tribal & shamanic mood

Average duration of each recording is almost 1 minute. Atmospheres & Backgrounds is a total of 110 minutes of high quality recordings.


12 Deep Atmospheres
08 Low Backgrounds
40 Noise Ambience
14 Noise Textures
08 Synth Ambience
24 Textures
07 Tribal Ambience

In total: 113 samples
Size: 3,55 GB
Format: 24bit-96kHz Wav

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  • Atmospheres & Backgrounds 24bit 96khz WAV - 3435.05MB

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