Era of Space Sounds

- 400 cosmic/ ambience sounds
- 32 Textures/ Backgrounds
- 11 Gated Abstracts
- Electronic, experimental mood
- 1,44 GB of data after unpacking
- 24-bit Wav format

Era of Space Sounds - 400 Experimental Cosmic Sounds

Format: WAV Files

Era of Space Sounds

Era of Space Sounds will take you in a journey to cosmic landscapes, sometimes liquid, transcendent/ meditative and sometimes weird, psychodelic. The set contains textures as well as 'one shot' samples. 400 sounds which have a potential to use in electronic, experimental, ambient, movie and game music. These are great samples to build cosmic and abstract atmosphere.

Era of Space Sounds contains:

  • 14 Cosmic Feedback
  • 08 Cosmic Sine Pitch Mod Looped
  • 11 Gated Abstracts
  • 09 Noise FX
  • 32 Space Backgrounds
  • 07 Space Timpani
  • 154 Space Walking FX
  • 36 Various FX 1
  • 99 Various FX 2
  • 31 Various FX 3

In total: 400 cosmic/ ambience sounds

Size: 1,44 GB unzipped content

Format: 24-bit WAV


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