Price: £49.00

- 2329 unique sound effects
- Wide range of possible usage in music production
- Fade in, fade out, hits and lasers effects
- Noises, reverse, scratch, voices, ambient
- Size: 2,2 GB
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

Large FX Collection is a huge collection of original and unparalleled SFX sounds! In this extraordinarily big and high quality collection you’ll find over 2300...

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  • About Large FX Collection

    Large FX Collection is a huge collection of original and unparalleled SFX sounds! In this extraordinarily big and high quality collection you’ll find over 2300 fantastic samples which can be successfully used in broadly comprehended music production. Characteristic and rare sound effects make the music original and with character. Undoubtedly they can be used to create many different music ambiences which free imagination and emotions. We recommend this collection specially to those who want to add a little bit of innovativeness and variety to their music, to those who want to abandon commonplace schemes and open to a new world of sounds. Large FX Collection is a very interesting proposition in this respect. The whole collection is divided into intuitive categories which facilitate searching for certain sound effects types. We encourage you to listen to the demo and we wish you a fantastic music experience.

    Content of Large Fx Collection:

    - 153 Ambient
    - 10 Bells
    - 344 Club-Trance
    - 73 Dark FX
    - 157 Electronic
    - 140 Fade in
    - 188 Fade out
    - 286 Hits
    - 77 Lasers
    - 55 Noise
    - 98 Reverse
    - 219 Scratch
    - 282 Short Sounds
    - 21 Special
    - 36 Synths
    - 190 Voices

    Hit effects are divided into

    - 10 Bassdown Hits
    - 40 Bassdrum Hits
    - 23 Clap Hits
    - 91 Club-Trance Hits
    - 17 Crash Hits
    - 53 Dark Hits
    - 11 Electronic Hits
    - 13 Guitar Hits
    - 08 Horns
    - 07 Orchestral Hits
    - 13 Snare Hits

    Noise effects are divided into

    - 32 Ambient Noises
    - 10 Club-trance Noises
    - 13 Industrial Noises

    Reverse effects are divided into

    - 46 Club-trance Reverse
    - 10 Crash Reverse
    - 21 Dark Reverse
    - 21 Short Reverse

    Voices effects are divided into

    - 45 Dark Voices
    - 33 Freak Voices
    - 112 Voices

    In total - 2329 sfx sounds

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